TM & Partners was founded on a handshake in 2006 by Peter Törngren and Viktor Magnell, dedicated to providing advice and expertise at the highest levels. There have been many successful handshakes since. We have achieved extraordinary results following the distinctive vision of our founders. We are a cohesive team of lawyers intensely focused on solving our clients’ most important problems.

Our experience has shown us what our clients want: A sense of security and successfully executed transactions, that are the results of business acumen, a proactive approach and commitment – coupled with cutting-edge legal expertise.

Our distinctive structure defines our approach. We maintain a ratio of associates to partners significantly below that of other firms. Our focus lies on matters that require the attention, extensive experience and sophistication of our partners. We limit the type of matters we undertake. Our system of true partnership promotes a careful selection of matters as well as the flexibility to bring the right expertise to bear without regard to factors extrinsic to providing the best service and advice. We work together on a task-force basis on all of our matters, bringing to bear the requisite mix of people and expertise across practice areas. Our structure and approach attract talented and entrepreneurial lawyers, who enable us to achieve excellent results for our clients in complex and critical matters.

Together with our clients we create real value.

We are TM & Partners – Welcome.