At TM & Partners, responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship means establishing good, successful and long-lasting business relationships, to be a responsible employer where individuals grow and talents develop, to contribute to diversity and counteract social alienation by engaging in various pro bono projects as well as taking our environmental responsibility.

Financial Responsibility

Our financial responsibility is in particular reflected by our daily business and our methods of work in client assignments.

TM & Partners strives to establish and maintain long-term client relationships, thereby creating a sustainable financial business that is both competitive and responsible over time. We achieve this through our way of working and by providing first-class legal advice. Our clients know that we always do our utmost to meet their needs and challenges and that is the foundation of the long-term client relationships we have.

Our business is distinguished by high integrity and strong fundamental values. We follow the Swedish Bar Association’s ethical rules and international conventions, which all of our employees are well acquainted with.

Social Responsibility

Without compromising our integrity or values, we have developed a corporate culture that encourages talents and allows individuals to develop, whilst building team spirit and loyalty in an open and inclusive work environment. We believe that happy employees who enjoy their work perform better and contribute to maintaining the high quality of our services and our excellent reputation.

TM & Partners believes that a good work-life balance is essential. Our organisation enables associates to at an early stage work with meaningful and developing tasks, providing them with the opportunity to grow into their professional role, while at the same time enabling a flexibility that allows time for family, leisure, recovery and personal development. TM & Partners culture club also contributes to cohesion and well-being.

We do not tolerate any discrimination and disadvantage based on impermissible grounds such as gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, disability, sexual orientation and age. We work actively with preventing and counteracting discrimination in the workplace, as well as with the promotion of equal rights and opportunities on both a general and structural level.

TM & Partners has a very high representation of female partners and more than 60% of the firm’s associates are women. Our goal is for the agency to be represented by at least 40% of each gender in all different employee categories and in our circle of partners.

An important part of our social sustainability work is that we participate in a number of charity projects that we believe are in accordance with our core values. We contribute to and engage in, amongst other things, the following projects:

  • Nolla Utanförskapet
  • SOS Barnbyar
Environmental Responsibility

TM & Partners takes its environmental responsibility very seriously and strives to increase awareness of environmental issues. We always strive to reduce our environmental impact and to act in an environmentally responsible manner in every decision where there is an opportunity to contribute to a better environment (including the use of resources, choice of transportation, waste recycling, etc.)