As a result of our considerable experience, we know that our clients place high demands on a sense of security and quality in the performance and outcome of their engagements, and that this is achieved with business acumen, a proactive approach and commitment.

Therefore, our partners are personally engaged and available throughout every engagement. The high level of attention given by our partners distinguishes us from our competitors and contributes to confidence and successfully executed transactions.

Business acumen

When we say ‘business acumen’ we mean an understanding of the forces driving our client, the rationale behind the assignment and the purpose of our role. Business acumen also means knowledge about the client’s business and the industry it operates within, as well as the interplay between our advice and other players in the process and what it takes to achieve the objectives. Business acumen is based upon experiences of what is important, what is insignificant, and where compromises cannot be made.


For the lawyers at TM & Partners, a proactive approach and focus on the solution means that we possess the experience necessary to avoid problems before they arise – and recommend constructive solutions when problems nonetheless occur. Our role is to take charge of all legal aspects and to move the process forward towards a final solution.


To us, commitment means that we do our best for our client in every situation. We have our client’s interests in mind also outside the scope of any given transaction. We strive to employ people at the firm who share our view that personal commitment is an asset.

Every client is entitled to expect that everyone at TM & Partners will be available as required by the matter.