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Mandates | 2023-01-12

TM & Partners has assisted OBOS in connection with OBOS and Veidekke jointly entering the Wendelstrand project in Mölnlycke and acquiring 19,500 gross area to build around 200 residential units

OBOS and Veidekke become partners in the residential area Wendelstrand, right by Landvettersjön in Härryda municipality, 15 minutes from central Gothenburg. The seller is Next Step Group where OBOS and Veidekke acquire 19,500 gross area to build around 200 residential units. Within the residential area, the intention is to build both residential units for families and residential units for single persons in an area in the Gothenburg region that is close to both nature, services and the city.

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TM & Partners’ team consisted of :